Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project Life {week 22}

I just wrapped up week 22 earlier today.   I realized (too late) that I was a camera slacker this week, and the only day I got out my good camera was on Memorial Day.  All other pictures were just taken with my iPhone.  And speaking of iPhones, can I just say that I love me some VSCO cam. It's fantastic, especially when layered with Instagram images. I just love it, so much that I also bought the VSCO Film pre-sets. I've not had the opportunity to use them all that much (I did use them on a few images last week), I think they're amazing.  Now I've got to learn more about Lightroom.  I'm thinking a trip to Barnes & Noble might be in order one day on lunch.

So this week we:  had swim lessons, swam in our pool, had friends/family over for Memorial Day, were still in the pool at 8:30 on Monday night, Wilder was so exhausted he fell asleep naked on a stack of towels, the boys stayed with Papa and Mimi some this week, and we listened to {some} great music.

This week is much, much simpler than previous weeks. Partly because I didn't have a whole lot of great images or journaling to include.  And also because I've spent most of my spare moments this weekend in the garage painting canvases and doing some "pinteresting" projects in order to decorate the neutral box that is Bowen's room.  You can see on the right side that we've already started with some of his room re-do, and I'm loving how it's turned out so far.  Next up, we've got to hang all of the canvases and things that I created, and I'll be sure to come back and share that hopefully later this week. 




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    1. Thanks, Catherine! I love looking at your Project Life as well!

  2. Hello! I came over from Design Editor, and I really love your pages! I just spent the morning going back through all your PL posts :) Your pages are so colourful and fun, and I love how you manage to get so many photo collages in. You take really beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing, it's been really inspiring!

    1. Fiona, thanks for taking the time to look through my project life and for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it!