Sunday, August 19, 2012

30 Lists {Hopped on the Bandwagon}

I first read about the 30 Lists concept a few months ago, but it wasn't until the past few weeks when I saw the amazing work of a few of my Instagram friends that I decided to jump on board.

So I'm on the bandwagon, and because I just had some extra creative mojo this weekend, I threw together a book to capture my 30 Lists.

Go here to check out what 30 Lists is all about:  30 LISTS

Book and pages (chapters) from October Afternoon.  Most elements I used on the title page are OA 9 to 5.

Here's my cover:

And my Title Page

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Project Life Week 33

Week 33 is here and done!  I struggled a lot with this week, and I'm still not loving it, but at least it's done.  Here's hoping for a better (healthier) week next week!

This week:  Bowen had croup, Wilder had (still has) a fever virus, we had orientation for the new school year, Bowen got to stay with Ninny some and  Papa and Mimi some, Wilder had his last day of daycare on Wednesday, and Bowen only made it to one football practice since he was sick.




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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project Life Week 32 and a Gazillion Inserts

Because I have a ridiculous amount of images to share, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet.  This was ONE busy week for us, which is not common for us at all.

Week 32 regular layout:

Left:  (note that the green card will be replaced by an image of Bowen the minute he turned 6 and some pictures of him opening his presents. For some reason, it didn't get printed out)



Details on the back of the pull out card on the top right:


And now for inserts from our trip.  We traveled to Atlanta last Friday and stayed through Sunday, thus an insane amount of pictures.

Whitewater Insert:

Andy's Birthday: (all instagram images taken on his birthday)

Aquarium Insert One:

Aquarium Insert Two:

Bowen's Birthday Insert: (all instagram images taken on his birthday)

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Week 31 Project Life

Here's a quick recap of  my Week 31 which I had to whip together Wednesday.

The week in review card as well as the aqua card with Bowen's height and weight was made by my sister-in-law. Isn't it cute? I added a tag from Elle's Studio.  Some of the other journal cards came from the Lily Pad and also the Clementine Kit from Becky Higgins which I have the digital version from  




And Birthday Party Insert:  The chevron card I made by wrapping some new washi tape around white cardstock.  The pirate paper is wrapping paper scrap of the paper that I used to wrap their presents.  And yes, there's a huge ink blot on Wilder's face on one image on the back, I will have that reprinted as soon as possible to replace.


And I got to use the small envelope page for the first time this week:

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