Sunday, June 24, 2012

I {heart} Shutterfly

I have been a huge Shutterfly fan for years. I made my first Photobook through their website back in early 2007 to celebrate the year that Bowen was born. I've got tons of books since then (really too many to count), and I just finished up Volume 2 for 2011. With discounts and coupon codes, I only paid $35.63 for a 65 page hardcover 8x8 book! Couple that awesome price with the fabulous quality, and you'll see why I love Shutterfly.

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at
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Project Life Week 25

I was low on creative mojo this week, so it took me a bit longer to get Week 25 finished up, and it's a lot simpler than what I've been creating lately.

This week, I pulled most of my paper from this Daddio Kit by Allison Pennington.  You can pick it up here:

The little card with the truck and camper is from Design House Digital (I can't remember the name of it).

Left Side:

Right Side:


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Project Life Week 24

We definitely had our ups and downs this week.  Andy is still not feeling much better, and he saw a total of three specialists this week, with still no definitive answers. On the upside, the boys and I went to see Madagascar 3 and also to a nearby waterpark, (a trip we'd planned before Andy got sick), and Bowen got to be in a promotional video (he calls it a commercial) with his Kindergarten class.

This week, I grabbed hold of the hexagon trend (I realllllllly would love a hexagon punch), and I used a newly released paperpack from The Lily Pad's Amber Clegg called the  Simple Things. I love the detailed patterns as well as the colors of the solids.  You'll notice that even my trusty "instagram collage" received a hexagonal (is that a word?) makeover this week.  I'm loving 'em!

You can find that paper pack here:

Left Side: 

Right Side: 

You may remember the silhouette of Bowen that I used in his room. I also wanted one in the album, so I printed it to include in the next layout where it "matched." 

The instagram 3x4 of the building where I work and the inside hallway were an awesome freebie from Design Editor. I love it, and will definitely be using it on a regular basis.  


Wilder said "Bowen, you are my best frayend (friend)!" when they were playing this week, so I had to incorporate that. 

I finally got to use confetti in my project life.  The glassine envelope contains some confetti I got at Hobby Lobby on clearance, and includes our ticket stubs from seeing Madagascar 3 on Saturday.
One of my favorite this week, was my weekly card. I used Amber's papers, and the lace/tape is from Michael's. The numbers and the hangers both came from Hobby Lobby.  I think Tim Holtz is a stinking cute are those clothes hanger clips?

I also had an insert this week to incorporate our Fun Day Thursday:

For this layout, I used the Chatterbox journal cards from Valorie Wibbens at the Lily Pad.  Have I mentioned that I love her stuff?  I adore everything she comes out with.

Cards here:



True Story:

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project Life {Week 23}

I finished up Week 23 yesterday despite the fact that I am both physically and mentally exhausted.

This week I decorated Bowen's room, we played Potato Heads, spent Wednesday in the Emergency Room (with no answers still), and Bowen was blessed to be able to attend Vacation Bible School for the first time, Bowen had swim lessons, and we ate entirely too many meals at McDonald's this week. 

Here's the left side:

And the right side:

And some details:

This card was in a 12x12 sheet that I ordered from I love these journal cards because they're usually cheaper than pre-cut cards, and look just as good.  I can't remember the brand.  I stink that keeping up with that sort of thing. 

These two slots encompass our trip to the Emergency Room. I've blacked out my husband's details.  We were there all day and still do not know what is wrong.  The journal card is a Becky Higgins folded journal card from the Cobalt Kit.  I believe the grey tag is from Mish Wooderson's Big Cartel store.

This cracks me up. I  mentioned something about the boys needing a bath one day this week, and Bowen said "I've already had a bath, I got a SPIT BATH."  Cracked me up to no end.  And for the record, he didn't use "spit," but rather a wet washcloth. :)  Card is from A Life Handmade on Etsy, and I believe the back paper is from My Mind's Eye.  The blue alpha is from Studio Calico and the other is Amy Tangerine.

My weekly title card uses paper from My Mind's Eye (I think), and alphas from Amy Tangerine.

This bag is from Mish Wooderson's store, and the journal card with the yellow doily is from Ardent Sparrow at, the Lulu collection.  The bag contains Bowen's Bible verses that he collected and learned about this week at VBS.  The quote card is by Splendid Fiins at

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Operation Room Re-Do (Bowen's Room)

So my semi-crafty side came out this weekend, and I whipped up somethings to put on the wall in Bowen's room.

The handprint is his (I let him pick the colors), and the silhouette is him as well.  He picked out the stop sign, thus introducing red into the color scheme (totally not planned).  The map is a digital scrapbook page by Valorie Wibbens (today papers, I believe it's called), and the picture is of the boys when they were much younger (and in diapers) that is probably my favorite picture of all time.

And here's his new bookshelf which was a yardsale find originally in white and quite beat up, so we slapped some paint on it and voila: orange.  The lamp I picked up at Target.  I give them a week before they break it.  And all of the stuffed animals overload was the boys' idea.  Next on the to do list is trying to find some shelves to put Bowen's keepsake items on that he doesn't really play with, but likes to look at: Mickey and Goofy vinylmation that we got on the Disney Cruise, his little duck that we picked up earlier this year in Seaside, and his t-ball trophy.  Things like that.  Hoping I can find a shelf soon.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project Life {week 22}

I just wrapped up week 22 earlier today.   I realized (too late) that I was a camera slacker this week, and the only day I got out my good camera was on Memorial Day.  All other pictures were just taken with my iPhone.  And speaking of iPhones, can I just say that I love me some VSCO cam. It's fantastic, especially when layered with Instagram images. I just love it, so much that I also bought the VSCO Film pre-sets. I've not had the opportunity to use them all that much (I did use them on a few images last week), I think they're amazing.  Now I've got to learn more about Lightroom.  I'm thinking a trip to Barnes & Noble might be in order one day on lunch.

So this week we:  had swim lessons, swam in our pool, had friends/family over for Memorial Day, were still in the pool at 8:30 on Monday night, Wilder was so exhausted he fell asleep naked on a stack of towels, the boys stayed with Papa and Mimi some this week, and we listened to {some} great music.

This week is much, much simpler than previous weeks. Partly because I didn't have a whole lot of great images or journaling to include.  And also because I've spent most of my spare moments this weekend in the garage painting canvases and doing some "pinteresting" projects in order to decorate the neutral box that is Bowen's room.  You can see on the right side that we've already started with some of his room re-do, and I'm loving how it's turned out so far.  Next up, we've got to hang all of the canvases and things that I created, and I'll be sure to come back and share that hopefully later this week. 




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Week 21 {project life}

I had a good many pictures this week to include, and also had to include some journaling about Bowen's year in Kindergarten.

This week we:  rode bikes at the local nature preserve, celebrated my nephew's birthday (complete with slip 'n slide), had swim lessons, had a McDonald's picnic in the back of Daddy's truck in the driveway, had Bowen's kindergarten program, and  I finally got around to installing lightroom and some new pre-sets, but I failed to include any journaling about either of those things.

Left Side:

Right Side:


Kindergarten Insert


Yes, there is a misspelled word here.  I hate that, and usually I catch it before I print it, but this time I did not.  Just had too much to do in too little time.

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