Monday, June 4, 2012

Operation Room Re-Do (Bowen's Room)

So my semi-crafty side came out this weekend, and I whipped up somethings to put on the wall in Bowen's room.

The handprint is his (I let him pick the colors), and the silhouette is him as well.  He picked out the stop sign, thus introducing red into the color scheme (totally not planned).  The map is a digital scrapbook page by Valorie Wibbens (today papers, I believe it's called), and the picture is of the boys when they were much younger (and in diapers) that is probably my favorite picture of all time.

And here's his new bookshelf which was a yardsale find originally in white and quite beat up, so we slapped some paint on it and voila: orange.  The lamp I picked up at Target.  I give them a week before they break it.  And all of the stuffed animals overload was the boys' idea.  Next on the to do list is trying to find some shelves to put Bowen's keepsake items on that he doesn't really play with, but likes to look at: Mickey and Goofy vinylmation that we got on the Disney Cruise, his little duck that we picked up earlier this year in Seaside, and his t-ball trophy.  Things like that.  Hoping I can find a shelf soon.

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