Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life Volume 2 Cover Page

I have had this page done for a few months now, but forgot to share.  This is the cover of Volume 2 of our 2012 Project Life.  It's almost full.  Planning to start Volume 3 with Week 44. :)

I don't have a cover yet for Volume 1.   I plan to wait until the end of the year and use my favorite images from the year for the cover.

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  1. Love this cover page. It's so bright. The camera paper is wonderful.

  2. I have loved following your journey through project life. Your pages are gorgeous and I adore them. (I too used to do project life-but I did it digitally. I am missing it. A lot. I have decided to do it next year but I am going to do it the traditional paper route.) I would love if you would post about your weekly process and what you use product wise on a regular basis. I am trying to keep this as cost effective as possible. Would you recommend buying a core kit from Becky Higgins? Or just using my scraps? I am planning on printing out some of the plethora of digital journal cards I already have so that will help! And, what are your favorite embelishments? Thanks so much in advance! Please feel free to email me if thats easier. Mcalleigh@gmail.com

    1. Ps. I used to scrap a ton and post at the Lilypad. Thats how I found your blog, I hope thats ok! :)