Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project Life : Week 46 (even though it says Week 47)

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I got mixed up on my weeks and labeled this week as Week 47 when really it is 46.  In my defense, I was sick when I threw this week together.  Gah.  I'll try to get around to changing it in my layout. :)

This was definitely a calm week for us. As you will see, most of my images this week are from an attempt to take Christmas card pictures of the boys.  I will likely end up using one of these, but I'm not sure yet.  Still have to find a card I love.




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  1. I love all your washi tape on your layouts. My washi will get a workout too on next year's PL layouts too I reckon! I especially love the red wood grain with the title over it. Gorgeous!

  2. Those pictures of your boys are really nice. I like how you added what your son's current favourites are (and didn't feel pressured to do it for both of them at the same time!). Great pages!

  3. great layout, I love the colors and how it all flows together ... even more so impressive since you were sick. I was feeling bad last night when I put mine together and it's obvious on mine :)

  4. Great field pictures. Your kids just pop out of the photos.
    Love your scarf. The colors and pattern are beautiful.