Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project Life {Week 26}

This was a super fast layout for Week 26. We had so much going on that I really just threw it together simply to get it done. Note that I haven't yet had time to fill out my week in review card, but I will do that hopefully today or tomorrow.   I also have an insert from our visit to the Drive Through Safari that I hope to get done this week sometime.  I'll probably end up posting it with Week 27's layout.

A lot of this week's journal cards came from the Nom Nom Nom kit from One Story Down.  You can find the journal cards here.  

The card with the Bible Verse I found on flickr and resized. She has several different verses and they're all awesome.

 Left Side:

Right Side:


One of my favorite bands has a new album that I downloaded this week.  They're AWESOME!  I'm going to see them live (again) in Atlanta in the fall. Cannot WAIT!

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  1. These pages a great! Love the grids, the verse, your colors. REALLY cute!
    Heather Johnson

  2. Oh my gosh! I love every single part of your layouts--the colors, stamps, textures, etc.! Your kids are adorable!

  3. I really like the bible verse card you used. Would you mind sharing a link to the flickr page?

    1. Sarah,

      Here's the flickr stream:

      :) Amanda

  4. Hi Amanda, I found you through Project Life blog that was posted today. I love your site. I have been tempted to do digital project life but your pages are what have made me decide to stick to printing my photo's! It's the look I love! I was curious...when you have 4 or more small photo's together in one slot did you use photo shop to put them together like that to print out? Where do the flip pockets come from? And where did you get the photo pocket pages with small inserts they look like tiny pockets (saw on another post)? Sorry for all my questions! :)