Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project Life {Week 17}

I feel like what creative mojo I do have now and again, flew out the window yesterday.  I really struggled with this week, and in the end I feel like it's just thrown together.  With that said, I'm glad that it's together, and done. :)

Left Side:

The picture strip is some pictures I took of Wilder when we went to the doctor Monday morning. After an hour wait, and no answers as to why he has a rash on his tummy, we went to Chick Fil A to enjoy some breakfast. 

The black and white group portrait is of the SEC Committee where I work. We were in charge of planning a breakfast for our Administrative Professionals Day.

Right Side:

The square collage is my weekly instagram round up. I've enjoyed doing this each week for a few weeks now, and think I will keep it up.

Wilder and I went to vote in the run-off on Tuesday, and boy was he confused. 


The boys in their matching pajamas, playing together.  

A quote from Wilder after he got a Krystal Pup for the first time after swim lessons on Saturday.  Translation is on the back. :)

The black and white pictures of the boys are self-portraits they took using the remote on my camera.  It can actually get eye contact, whereas most of the time, I can't. 

Swim Lesson Number 6.  I had too many pictures to fit onto one collage, so if you pull up on the arrow, there are more pictures below.

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  1. My first visit to your blog. Linked from TLP blog roll post. Can I just say that if THIS is what you produce when your mojo is gone... LOOK OUT! LOL I love it, every little bit. I wish I had your sense of design. That said I picked up a few little ideas I want to incorporate in my future pages. :)